Cherry Blossom Kitchen I started this recipe/life blog to journal and share my favorite family recipes; the dishes I’ve created along with my daughter, and many I’ve tried and loved from my vast cookbook collection (putting our spin on theml!) My daughter Cortney is a classically French trained chef, and will be a collaborator here occasionally as well. Eating healthy whole foods, and walking/running daily are my goals.

Along with creating healthy whole foods with the occasional indulgence, we have a serious interest in French and Italian cuisine as my great grandmother came to the U.S. from France, and my husband was raised in an Italian household – so look for those and other globally inspired recipes along with some down-home favorites here as well. Since my other passion is photography, I’ll be sharing some photos here too. This journal is a work in progress…fun and delicious recipes and photos will be added regularly. Feel free to leave a comment, connect via social media or email, I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for visiting!!


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