Cherry Blossom Kitchen  Hello, welcome to my kitchen! We’re serving up tasty, healthy, whole foods along with a side of friendly kitchen-table topics on food, health, wellness, faith, fitness, travel, photography and pretty much the things you’d discuss while relaxing around the table.

I’ve been a professional Real Estate photographer for the last 12 years by day, and shared my passion for cooking by night for the last 4 years, but, am now very excited to be blogging full time! I’m a culinary enthusiast with a focus mainly on healthy, whole foods. You’ll find easy vegan, vegetarian, Whole30, low carb, low calorie, gluten-free recipes etc, and dishes of various cuisines to tempt your taste buds and please your family.

I’m an accidental Texan, by way of Atlanta and originally Minneapolis. I’m loving the Texas food and culture…as the saying goes: “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!

I’m happily married; an empty nester with 2 amazing grown kids that I absolutely adore, and fur momma to my high-energy rescue dog Allie who has become the queen of the casa…she pretty much runs me. How does this happen??!!  Queen Allie | CherryBlossomKitchen



I’m a bit of a kitchen gadget and small appliance hoarder (i.e. air fryer, Instant Pot, mini rice cooker, George Foreman Grill, bamboo steamer, Inspiralizer, electric citrus juicer, etc…crazy, I know!) I love chips & salsa and any kind of Texas/Tex-Mex food really (hello!) We determine which Mexican restaurant to dine at depending on which one has the best chips, salsa and queso and fortunately there are many to choose from here! I’m a runner wanna-be, which for now means I run/walk but that’s OK, I’m getting there! I love to take day trips and sight-see, travel when I can, hang out with our kids, read cook books like novels, as well as motivational books and Bible study materials. Basically, I’m a perpetual learner always seeking to learn something new.

Besides my culinary passion, I have a serious interest in photography, so I’ll be sharing some of my favorite photos I’ve shot as well. My culinary/photo journal is a continuous work in progress where fun and delicious recipes and photography will be added regularly!

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