Chilaquiles with Chicken and Black Beans A lightened up version of traditional Mexican favorite!

Chilaquiles with Chicken and Black Beans! Who says you can’t have one of your favorite meals when you’re watching your weight?!! My lighted up version is easy on the calorie budget, but, huge on flavor. It’s a super delicious and easy meal you’ll want to make again and again. Enjoy a glass of fruity, jammy Zinfandel to balance the smoky, spicy flavors for approximately 100 additional calories. Delicious!! Visit Pink Heels Pink Truck for my recipe and more photos!!

Cherry Blossom Kitchen | Chilaquiles with Chicken and Black Beans 1



Bean Salad with Ham


Cherry Blossom Kitchen | Bean Salad with Ham

I’m revisiting my Bean Salad with Ham recipe post from a couple of years ago and updating it with much needed new photos! Actually, there was just one photo, taken in the prep stage…because when I added the mayo, most of it was eaten before I could take any more! Anyway, it’s the same delicious salad, perfect for hot days like we’re having right now, although we did have a cool front come through which resulted in the temps dropping to the high 90’s. :)  This is one of those delightful, tried and true family recipes. It was my Grandmother’s creation; my Mom made it when I was growing up and still does, and I make it every summer as well. This old recipe is alive and well, and still very much loved. My parents always enjoyed the salad with the buttery Townhouse or Club crackers, but, it’s equally tasty scooping it up with blue corn tortilla chips!


Stuffed Bell Peppers with Quinoa, Chickpeas, Basil and Mint A fresh and delicious gluten-free, low-glycemic meal!

Cherry Blossom Kitchen | Stuffed Bell Peppers

It is my honor and privilege to have been asked by Taylor at Pink Heels Pink Truck, to become a monthly food contributor! She’s your go-to source for fashion, beauty, crafts/DIY, fitness, blogging, books, and delicious food and cocktail recipes! This month, we’re starting off with my Stuffed Bell Peppers with Quinoa, Chickpeas, Basil and Mint!


How to prepare and eat Dragon Fruit Also known as Pitaya


Cherry Blossom Kitchen | Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit! Have you tried this beautiful pink rosebud looking fruit? I was on a fruit and vegetable run at my local HEB, and did a double take as I passed the tropical fruit section! This fruit is new to me, so, I did some Googling and found that the Dragon Fruit, aka Pitaya, is grown in Southeast Asia, Mexico, Central and South America, and Israel, and has many health benefits. For how to eat and prepare dragon fruit, read on.


Weight Loss Wednesday Weekly weight loss report.

Cherry Blossom Kitchen | Weight Loss WednesdayWelcome to the Weight Loss Wednesday weekly update!!  I’m counting calories using the Lose It! app and I’m happy to report it’s going very well so far. It’s been a very busy, stressful week with my Real Estate photography work, which can be a recipe for me not making the best food choices, but, I stayed within my calorie budget this week and I’m down 2.6 pounds for a total of 12.9 lost since starting 4 weeks ago! The app decreases your calorie budget little by little as weight is lost; I started at 1200 calories a day, and now it’s got me at 1144. I’m not hungry, unless I go too long in between meals, so, I’m not missing eating more, but, I wonder how low the calories will go by the time I get to my goal? It’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out!


Tuscan Zucchini Pasta with Parmesan

Cherry Blossom Kitchen | Tuscan Zucchini Pasta with Parmesan

It’s hot here in Texas, the ‘feels like’ temperature was 101 today, but, thanks to my slow cooker, the house is cool and Cherry Blossom Kitchen smells amazing! I usually only use a crock pot during the cooler months, but, what was I thinking? This is the perfect time…my oven is off and my kitchen is cool! Check out this low-carb, gluten free Tuscan Zucchini Pasta with Parmesan, one-pot meal!


Picadillo with Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice and Weight Loss Report

Cherry Blossom Kitchen  Picadillo | Cilantro Lime Caul Rice

You’re going to want to pick up your plate and lick it clean! Seriously, you have to try this Picadillo with Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice situation! And, good news; it’s low carb, gluten-free, paleo, and Whole30!! The Picadillo is luscious and savory, and the olives take it beyond amazing. The cauliflower bits have an amazingly similar texture to rice and is brightened by the cilantro and lime. I know, your mouth is watering too, but, first…the weekly weight loss report!  (more…)

Bacon Weave Egg Salad Tartine and Weight Loss Report

Cherry Blossom Kitchen | Bacon Weave Egg Salad Tartine

How cute is this Bacon Weave Egg Salad Tartine? If you’re not familiar with tartines, they’re a fancy French open-faced sandwich topped with spreadable ingredients. Ok, bacon isn’t a fancy ingredient, but it’s bacon, hello! (The bacon weave replaces the bread in an open-faced ‘sandwich’). Cold egg salad with a mouth-watering creamy dressing, crispy bacon weave, bed of cool, crisp lettuce = yum! Check out the how-to below.  But first, on to my Monday Weight Loss Report. (more…)

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